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Industrial Lighting Design Trends

industrial lighting design trends

Hey there, lovely readers! Grab a seat and get ready to dive into the fascinating world of home decor. Today, we’re going to discuss one of my all-time favorite lighting trends – Industrial Style Lighting. Trust me when I say it’s the bee’s knees when it comes to adding character and charm to your living spaces. So, let’s hang out and chat about this incredible trend!

Understanding Industrial Style Lighting

Alright, so picture this: the cool vibes of warehouse and factory-inspired buildings from back in the day. That’s where industrial-style lighting gets its roots from! It’s all about that raw and unfinished look that screams authenticity. We’re talking exposed bulbs, rustic metals, glass elements, and even touches of wood for those who like a bit of an eclectic twist. Industrial-style lighting adds a unique edge and visual interest to any decor setting. Seriously, it’s like turning utilitarian features into design masterpieces!

Trends in Industrial Lighting

Let’s get into the juicy details, shall we? Here are some of the hottest trends in industrial-style lighting:

Enhanced Minimalism

You know that saying, “less is more”? Well, industrial-style lighting takes that concept and runs with it! The designs are sleek, simple, and oh-so-minimalistic, but with an extra pinch of pizzazz. It’s all about those clean lines and uncluttered aesthetics that effortlessly blend with any interior style. Talk about streamlined perfection!

Metal Galore

Now, let’s talk about metal, baby! We’re talking iron, bronze, brass, and steel – the heavyweights of the industrial lighting world. These materials bring that rugged and robust charm to your spaces. They can strut their stuff with dark and aged finishes for that vintage look or go all shiny and polished for a modern twist. No matter the style, metals have got you covered in the durability and longevity department.

Exposed Bulbs

Do you know what’s better than a beautifully designed light fixture? The bulb itself stealing the show! Exposed bulb fixtures are all the rage in industrial-style lighting. They let those gorgeous bulbs take center stage, showing off their filament charms. Classic Edison bulbs with their warm glow and nostalgic appeal are an absolute crowd-pleaser. Trust me, it’s all about that bulb power!

Mixed Materials

Get ready for a material mashup like no other! Industrial-style lighting is all about mixing and matching different elements. Think wood with metal, glass with steel – the possibilities are endless! This combination of textures adds depth and visual interest to the fixtures, making them true statement pieces. It’s all about finding that balance between warm wood tones and cool metal finishes. Texture galore, my friends!

Geometric Wonders

Time to get your geometry on! Geometric designs are having a major moment in industrial-style lighting. Picture bold shapes, clean lines, and sharp angles. These designs create visually striking fixtures that become the stars of the show. Paired with the rough and raw finishes of industrial materials, you’ve got a match made in design heaven.

Retro Vibes

Who doesn’t love a good blast from the past? Retro-inspired industrial lighting is making a comeback with a vengeance! These fixtures bring a touch of nostalgia and vintage charm to your spaces. Think rustic finishes, antique-like designs, and quirky touches reminiscent of days gone by. It’s the perfect way to infuse your spaces with personality and character. Time to turn back the clock!

Versatility of Industrial-Style Lighting

Here’s the best part about industrial-style lighting – it’s a chameleon when it comes to style! Seriously, it can seamlessly blend with a variety of decor styles. Whether you have exposed brick walls, concrete floors, subway tiles, or reclaimed wood accents, industrial lights will enhance the overall vibe of your space. They effortlessly walk the line between urban cool and rustic charm, adding that extra layer of sophistication. Not just for homes, industrial-style lighting has also found its way into commercial settings. Cafes, restaurants, and retail stores have jumped on the trend, creating urban and trendy atmospheres that customers can’t resist. It’s a win-win!

How to Choose Industrial-Style Lights

Alright, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty of choosing industrial-style lights. Here are some key aspects to consider:


When it comes to design, always go with what catches your eye! Industrial-style lighting offers a wide range of designs, from simple and sleek to intricate and ornate. Take a good look at your overall decor style and vibe, and choose a design that resonates with it. Don’t be afraid to mix and match styles or incorporate unexpected elements for that personal touch.

Size & Function

Size matters, my friends! Consider the dimensions of your space and choose a fixture size that fits proportionally. A large pendant light can make a dramatic statement in high-ceilinged rooms or above spacious dining tables. If you’re working with limited space, go for sleek wall sconces or table lamps to add that touch of industrial charm. And don’t forget about function! Decide if you need task lighting or ambient lighting and choose fixtures accordingly. It’s all about finding that perfect balance.

Color & Finish

The color and finish of your industrial-style fixtures can tie the whole room together. Look at your existing color palette and choose colors that complement and enhance the space. Dark and moody finishes like black or oil-rubbed bronze add a vintage touch, while polished metals like brass or copper bring out a more modern and luxurious feel. Remember, it’s all in the details!

Bulb Type

Let’s shed some light on bulbs, shall we? The type of bulb you choose for your industrial lighting fixtures can make a big impact on the ambiance of the room. For that cozy and inviting glow, go for warm light bulbs with a color temperature of around 2700-3000K. Edison bulbs with visible filaments add a vintage flair, while LED filament bulbs offer energy efficiency without sacrificing style. It’s all about setting the right mood!

Top Industrial-Style Lighting Designs to Consider

Get ready to be blown away by these stunning industrial-style lighting designs:

Steampunk Influence

If you’re into whimsy and fantasy, steampunk-inspired industrial lighting is right up your alley! Think gears, cogs, and pipes coming together to create unique and quirky fixtures. With their aged finishes, antique brass accents, and intricate detailing, these designs are a delight for steampunk enthusiasts. Prepare to be transported to another era!

Oversized Pendants

Go big or go home, right? Oversized industrial pendants are here to make a statement. These bold and beautiful lighting fixtures demand attention and become the focal point of any room. Whether you go for a single large pendant or a cluster of smaller ones, these fixtures create a dramatic and visually striking impact. Perfect for high ceilings, spacious dining areas, or open-concept spaces. Get ready to say “wow”!

Wall Sconces

Oh, wall sconces, you versatile darlings! These fixtures not only provide functional lighting but also add an urban charm to your walls. Whether you want to light up a hallway, create a cozy reading nook, or highlight artwork or architectural features, wall sconces are your go-to choice. Exposed bulbs, industrial-inspired designs – they’ve got it all! Time to shine a light on your walls!

Table/Desk Lamps

Practical, stylish, and oh-so-usable – that’s the beauty of industrial-style table and desk lamps. Need focused lighting for your work or reading area? Look no further! These lamps often feature adjustable arms or shades, allowing you to direct light exactly where you need it. With their utilitarian aesthetic and vintage charm, they’re the perfect addition to your home office, study nook, or bedside table. Get ready to light up your space with style!

Exposed Bulb Chandeliers

Prepare to be dazzled by the elegance of exposed bulb chandeliers. These fixtures showcase multiple exposed bulbs suspended from a central base, creating a mesmerizing visual display. The simplicity of the design allows the beauty of the bulbs to take center stage, adding a touch of magic to any room. Ideal for dining areas, entryways, or living spaces where you want to make a grand statement. Get ready to be enchanted!

Best Brands to Consider for Industrial Lighting

Now, let’s talk about the cream of the crop when it comes to industrial lighting brands. Check out these top names in the industry:

Brand Salient Features
West Elm Classic vintage designs and exceptional craftsmanship
Restoration Hardware Luxurious industrial-inspired lights with unique designs
IKEA Affordable options with a wide variety of styles
Lamps Plus Extensive collection with diverse styles and customization options

These brands offer a range of options to suit different budgets and preferences. Take your time and explore their collections to find the perfect fit for your space. And hey, if you’re looking for some recommendations or more information, head on over to Only House Lamps. They’ve got you covered!

Case Studies: Industrial Lighting in Real Homes

Okay, story time! I’m excited to share some amazing case studies with you. These are real homeowners who have embraced the industrial-style lighting trend and created some jaw-dropping spaces. From living rooms to kitchens and bedrooms, their creativity knows no bounds. Not only will you get a glimpse into their stunning homes, but you’ll also pick up some valuable tips and tricks along the way. Get ready to be inspired!

DIY Industrial Style Lighting Projects

Are you feeling adventurous? Let’s get our hands dirty with some DIY industrial lighting projects! There’s something incredibly satisfying about creating your own unique fixtures, customized to your liking. But hey, safety first! Make sure you take all the necessary precautions and follow proper guidelines. To get you started, here’s a simple step-by-step guide:

  1. Choose a fixture: Find a base or fixture that you can repurpose or build upon. It could be an old light fixture you already have or some basic components like sockets, wires, and hardware.
  2. Gather materials: Collect all the materials you’ll need for your project. Think metal pipes, fittings, wire connectors, and a bulb socket. Consider the size and design of your fixture when choosing materials.
  3. Plan and assemble: Sketch out your design and take accurate measurements. Assemble the components, ensuring everything is secure and the wiring is properly attached. Safety first, my friend! If you’re not confident with electrical work, consult a professional to avoid any mishaps.
  4. Wire and test: Connect the wires as per safety guidelines. Make sure the power is disconnected before you start! Once everything is properly wired, test the fixture to ensure it functions smoothly and safely.
  5. Refine and finish: Now it’s time to add those finishing touches! Paint or finish the metal components, add decorative elements, and choose the perfect bulb to complete the industrial aesthetic. Voilà! Your very own DIY industrial-style lighting fixture is ready to shine.

Remember, my friend, safety should always be your top priority. If you’re unsure about anything, don’t hesitate to consult a professional. And for more DIY project ideas and tips, check out our handy DIY project guide.


And there you have it, my dear readers – a deep dive into the remarkable world of industrial-style lighting! It’s truly a trend that has captivated the hearts of many, including mine. The versatility, rugged beauty, and nod to the past make this lighting style a force to be reckoned with.

Have you ventured into the world of industrial-style lighting yet? I’d love to hear about your experiences and thoughts! Please drop a comment below, and let’s keep the conversation going. Remember, my friend, your space is a reflection of your unique personality, so go ahead and explore new lighting frontiers. Until next time, stay bright and keep shining!

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