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Louis Poulsen’s Origin

Louis Poulsen was started by the ingenuity of by innovative founders: the renowned Danish lighting manufacturer, Louis Poulsen, and Poul Henningsen, a well-known Danish architect. Both founders had a desire to break the status quo and bring form and function together to create innovative lighting solutions.

Simplicity and beauty have been the cornerstone of Louis Poulsen’s lighting design since its founding in 1874. The company’s famous Paris Lamp, designed by Henningsen, debuted in 1924. Since then and continuing today, Louis Poulsen works with some of the world’s top designers to create designs that shape light and make people feel good. Featuring both indoor and outdoor lighting, Louis Poulsen has become an international leader of excellence of Scandinavian and mid-century modern lighting solutions.

The Aesthetics of Louis Poulsen

The passion of design and imagination of creativity are apparent in each one of Louis Poulsen’s creations. Louis Poulsen light fixtures play with form, function, and color to create fixtures that showcase the simplicity and beauty of Scandinavian and mid-century design. They take inspiration from all aspects of life, from architecture to nature.

Each creation features clean lines, geometric patterns, and smooth curves. At the same time, Louis Poulsen captures a playful energy that is perfect for the modern home. Sleek and contemporary, Louis Poulsen designs continue to withstand the test of time, from orb pendants and circular outdoor wall sconces to modern floor lamps and captivating chandeliers.

Louis Poulsen Favorites

Louis Poulsen has been creating eye-popping designs for more than 125 years, but there are a few collections that stand out above the rest. The PH Series is one of the most iconic collections of Louis Poulsen. The PH Artichoke chandelier was first introduced in 1958 and still continues to turn heads to this day. Showcasing the Scandinavian ideals of form and function, the sculptural silhouette and tiered leaf sections of the chandelier offer a stunning visual effect that is glare-free.

The PH 5 Pendant Light has been capturing the eye since 1958 with its exceptional design in both aesthetics and functionality. The PH 5 Pendant Light has a three-tiered shade that features smooth curves and splashes of color. Playing with light and shadow, this imaginative pendant light creates soft shadows, while also being totally glare-free.

The AJ Series is another best-selling collection by Louis Poulsen that highlights their exceptional eye for mid-century and Scandinavian design. A revitalized version of the original 1960 design, the AJ wall sconce features a geometric design that is both smooth and sleek. The AJ floor lamp, which is characterized by the same organic form and clean lines, is a companion fixture that was initially designed for the SAS Royal Hotel in Denmark.