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The Alluring World of Marset Lighting

The Marset Story

Marset, a name synonymous with creativity and innovation in lighting, has been transforming spaces for decades. Born in Barcelona, Spain, Marset has established itself as a global leader in modern lighting solutions.

A Brief History

The company began as a family business in the 1940s, focusing on casting metals. Their passion for light and design led them to transition into creating exceptional lighting fixtures. Today, Marset’s products are distributed to over 90 countries worldwide.


Marset’s philosophy is simple but profound. They believe in the power of light to create atmospheres, to provoke feelings, and to enhance our daily lives. For more insight, you can check their about page.

Why We Love Marset Lighting

From ceiling lights to wall lighting, Marset offers an extensive range of lighting options.

  1. Quality & Craftsmanship: Marset’s meticulous attention to detail and craftsmanship ensures that each piece is perfect.
  2. Innovation: Their relentless pursuit of innovation makes them a leader in the lighting industry.
  3. Aesthetic Brilliance: Marset’s designs are timeless, often becoming the focal point of any room, be it the living room or dining room.

“Light is what allows us to understand the world we live in.” – Marset

Fun Facts About Marset

  • Marset dedicates 5% of their revenue to R&D.
  • The company has won numerous awards, including the Red Dot Design Award.
  • They actively collaborate with esteemed designers, fostering creativity and mid-century modern lighting solutions.

Noteworthy Lighting from Marset

Marset’s collection is filled with remarkable pieces. Here’s a highlight of some of their iconic lights:

Ceiling Lights & Chandeliers

Marset’s ceiling lights are a blend of elegance and functionality. From the Flamwild Sputnik Linear Ceiling Chandelier to the PH Artichoke Pendant Lamp, there’s something for everyone.

Table & Desk Lamps

The Bourgie Table Lamp and the Whitman Desk Lamp exemplify Marset’s commitment to functionality without compromising style.

Wall Lighting

From bathroom lighting to versatile wall lighting, Marset’s collection ensures elegance and efficiency.

Floor Lamps

Marset’s floor lamps like the Atollo Metal Table Lamp are masterpieces that redefine spaces.

Marset’s dedication to quality, creativity, and elegance sets them apart. Explore more about lighting on our website’s comprehensive guide to indoor lighting and find the perfect Marset product to transform your space today!

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