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Roll & Hill Lighting: The Artistry of Independent Design

I. Introduction

A. Roll & Hill

Bask in the brilliance of Roll & Hill, a beacon of artistic luminosity, founded in 2010 by the visionary Jason Miller. Deeply rooted in the heart of Brooklyn, NY, this lighting manufacturer sets itself apart by its collaborations with up-and-coming and established independent designers. The outcome is a fascinating array of lighting products that are as individualistic as they are creative.

B. Design-minded Lighting Products

The products crafted by Roll & Hill showcase a vibrant palette of materials. Leather, wood, brass, bronze, and mouth-blown glass are harmoniously blended into their lighting designs. Their love for design, materials, and artisanal craftsmanship is palpable in each piece, delivering an unmatched user experience that goes beyond mere lighting.


II. Why We Love Roll & Hill

A. Hand-Selecting Designers

A large part of the appeal of Roll & Hill lies in their handpicked network of independent designers. From fresh, up-and-coming creators to more prominent, larger makers, each brings their unique perspective, style, and substance to the brand’s offerings. The result? A diverse and polished selection of lighting products that are a testament to the brand’s unwavering dedication to aesthetic detail and quality.

B. Assembled by Hand with On-Demand Production

Every Roll & Hill piece is assembled by hand, attesting to their commitment to meticulous craftsmanship. They’ve championed the Trade Advantage Program and the concept of on-demand production, a model that not only promotes sustainability but also allows for customization in each of their designs.

III. Noteworthy Lighting From Roll & Hill

A few standout pieces from Roll & Hill include the Halo Circle Pendant, the Agnes 14-Light Chandelier, and the Modo 3 Sided Chandelier – 10 Globe. Each of these designs brilliantly manifests the brand’s design philosophy, marrying the contemporary with the classic. The products seamlessly blend into diverse interiors while making a design statement.

IV. Collections

Roll & Hill’s offerings are diverse and inspired, spanning from the Halo to the ModoAgnesEndless, and Superordinate Antler Collections. Each of these collections embodies a unique design narrative, drawing on the designers’ artistic visions and Roll & Hill’s commitment to quality and innovation.

V. Products and Comparisons

From their showstopper Modo Chandelier to the subtler, minimalist Agnes Wall Sconce, the range of Roll & Hill lighting products offers something for every taste and space. Their creations don’t just offer stellar lighting solutions, they also provide a point of comparison for the entire industry. Setting the bar high for aesthetic appeal, innovation, and craftsmanship, Roll &

Hill is at the forefront of artisanal modern lighting.

VI. Conclusion

Roll & Hill views design as a source of inspiration and personal connection. The brand fosters a community of design enthusiasts united by a shared appreciation for the beauty of independent design. Their handpicked designs are not just to be viewed – they are meant to be lived with, loved, and to last a lifetime. This encapsulates the spirit of Roll & Hill: to create lighting that blends artistry, craftsmanship, and functionality. Explore more of their captivating collections and let the art of light illuminate your spaces.

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