It is a leading brand in the vaping industry attributes to its high tech, creative designs and quality builds. After the release of Alien, it presented many of other vape products that were welcomed by vapers. View this section and pick up one for yourself.

All the products manufactured by this brand showcase outstanding expertise combined with innovative features that take one’s vaping experience to a new level.

Amongst the most notable products manufactured by this company, the breathtaking V8 Stick Starter kit deserves special mention. This product was the first in its category to take the shape of a pen without sacrificing the tank size whatsoever. One more cutting-edge creation happens to be the Cloud Beast tank, which can reach 80 to 100 watts of power without any problem at all.

Amongst the kits manufactured by this brand, the Pro Colour is noted for its advanced features. Apart from this, the Mag kit is one more product launched by this company which can boast of having a pistol-shaped grip as well as a groundbreaking ergonomic design.

The company has produced many more astounding products apart from the ones mentioned here that are appreciated by numerous vaping buffs across the planet.

In the subsequent paragraphs, we will mention the top 3 most in-demand products that have been launched by this brand.

1. Alien 220W Kit with TFV8 Baby Tank

Alien Kit, which happens to be an innovative high wattage kit, includes the TFV8 Baby tank as well as the Alien 220W mod which generates a maximum output of 220w. Apart from this, the large OLED display will enable you to verify the working mode plus battery very easily.

Innovative Turbo engines have been adopted by TFV8 Baby which includes the V8 Baby-T8 Octuple core, V8 Baby-Q2 Dual Core, and also the V8 Baby RBA (optional).

2. Stick V8 Kit Vape Pen 3000 MAH

This V8 Kit happens to be a product having the style of a pen. It is moreover a resilient and powerful compact sized kit that is accompanied by the Big Baby tank. The product includes a robust 3000mAh high-capacity battery along with an amazing 20amps continual discharge capacity.

3. Nord Aio 22 Starter Kit 2000MAH

This Nord Aio 22 Starter Kit is an innovative all-in-one vape kit that can boast of having a battery capacity of up to 2000 mAh which will guarantee you of providing an incredible vaping experience for a considerable period. Moreover, this product has a diameter of 22 mm, and its innovative pen-style design deserves special mention as well.

What to Expect from SMOK Vape Products

It has developed some wonderful products which have been the result of plenty of experimentation over time. While the majority of the vaping enthusiasts were interested in Boge single-coil cartomizers, the dual-coil cartomizers produced by this company proved to be outstanding.

However, it is the innovative TFV tank series that helped the company to make such a big impact on the contemporary vaping industry. Apart from setting an innovative standard for the sub ohm tanks, it also commenced the trend of providing several coil types for the tank. You’ll come across more than 12 TFV4 coils at present which includes several RBA options too.