Best Placement Options for Bathroom Vanity Lighting

Placing vanity lighting in your bathroom is crucial for achieving proper illumination for grooming tasks and creating a flattering environment. Here are some placement options to consider:

  1. Above the mirror: Installing vanity lights above the mirror is a standard placement option. Mount the lights at least 78 inches above the floor to provide even illumination without casting shadows on the face.
  2. On either side of the mirror: Wall sconces or vertical vanity lights on either side provide even and shadow-free lighting. This placement is ideal for eliminating shadows on the face and providing balanced illumination.
  3. Integrated into the mirror: Some mirrors come with built-in LED lighting around the edges or behind the mirror surface. This option provides a sleek and modern look while ensuring even lighting distribution.
  4. Backlit mirrors: Backlit mirrors, where the light source is located behind the mirror, provide a soft and diffused illumination. This placement option creates a visually appealing and flattering lighting effect.
  5. Combination of above and side lighting: For optimal lighting in larger bathrooms, consider a variety of above-mirror and side-mirror lighting. It provides comprehensive illumination and minimizes shadows.

Consider the following factors when choosing the placement of vanity lighting:

  • Bathroom size: The size of your bathroom can influence the placement options. In smaller bathrooms, side lighting or integrated mirror lighting may be more suitable to save space.
  • Mirror size: The size of your mirror should also be considered when determining the placement of vanity lighting. Ensure that the lights are proportionate to the mirror size.
  • Personal preference: Consider your appreciation for lighting aesthetics. Some people prefer the look of above-mirror lighting, while others prefer the balanced illumination provided by side lighting.
  • Task-oriented lighting: Ensure that the chosen placement option provides adequate lighting for grooming tasks like shaving or applying makeup. Shadows should be minimized to ensure accurate visibility.

By considering these factors and selecting the appropriate placement option, you can achieve optimal lighting for your bathroom vanity area.