Founded in 2001 by Marcel Wanders and Casper Vissers, Moooi is a relative newcomer to the lighting industry, but no less trendsetting when it comes to transforming lighting in the modern era. Joining forces with designers from across the globe, Moooi takes the design visions and transforms them into unique visual displays of light with a whimsical vibe. Moooi redefines lighting for the contemporary home through a variety of lamps, chandeliers, and pendants.

The Birth Of The Moooi Brand

Dutch Moooi founders Wanders and Vissers brought the Moooi brand to life in the early 21st century and propelled onto the scene with creative lighting products filled with eclectic attributes and visually-astounding designs. Wanders handles the art direction of the company and Vissers filled the role of CEO until 2015 when Robin Bevers stepped into the position. Named after the Dutch word for beautiful, the name Moooi truly describes the overall attributes of the brand.

The Aesthetics Of Moooi Lighting

The aesthetics of Moooi is multi-faceted in nature, determined by the creative design, unique materials, and overall vibe which the finished product exudes. Moooi brand lighting features aspects such as delicate components, eclectic design offerings, and materials suitable for all styles and tastes. Ranging from contemporary to modern, Moooi lighting can take any room and make it shine in a multitude of ways.

The designers who brainstorm to produce the creative designs work hand-in-hand with the Moooi team to produce a finished product that goes above and beyond the usual lighting offerings on the consumer market. The combined talents of these two groups of individuals result in the wide and varied collection offerings which the Moooi brand is known for in the lighting industry.

Favorite Moooi Collections

Moooi offers a wide array of lighting collections, consisting of simple yet sensational lamps to ornate and out-of-this-world lighting. The Random Light Collection is anything but random with its round and creative orbs. The Random Pendant Light offers a unique take on everyday lighting with an exposed bulb setup surrounded by a translucent 3D fabric. Another Random Light Collection favorite, the Random Light LED Floor Lamp, will light up the room with style and LED bulb illumination.

The Perch Collection takes creativity to a whole new level with lighting products comprised of perfectly-crafted origami birds. From the Perch Table Lamp, which provides the perfect reading light for a nightstand, to the multiple origami birds perched on the Perch Tree Chandelier, this collection is art and light all in one.

For an even more intricately-designed item, the Raimond Collection offers suspension lights and floor lamps which have an interwoven wire and steel design. The round and flattened orb offerings feature a lighting option constructed from small triangles for an in-depth LED lighting design.

If a delicate lighting creation is a sought-after style, the Heracleum Collection offers lovely suspension lights featuring thin branches and lighting “leaves” for a sensational lighting addition to the home. A variety of suspension lights are available within the Heracleum Collection, and all share the delicate and creative construction attributes.