One of the premier lighting brands, FLOS Lighting has become synonymous with contemporary lighting design. A premier lighting brand, FLOS Lighting has become known for taking classic designs and revamping them for modern spaces.

FLOS: The Best Modern Lighting

FLOS's award-winning designs inspire creativity in interior design and its top-selling fixtures instantly add personality to any modern space. Aside from aesthetic value, FLOS Lighting has gained a reputation for adaptability that marries form and function. Manufacturing Italian light fixtures for over 50 years, FLOS Lighting epitomizes contemporary style with ultramodern silhouettes, a range of durable materials, and high-tech features.

For the modern home, FLOS Lighting offers a stunning range of contemporary lighting accessories. From FLOS floor lamps to FLOS wall sconces, there is a lighting accessory to meet every need.

For functional task lighting, FLOS pendant lights deliver a mix of style and utility. Multipoint pendant lighting is an excellent choice for minimalist or utilitarian rooms and allows total customization. Finish options include black, bronze, and white and these functional fixtures are available in 3-light or 5 light versions. FLOS Lighting also offers single pendants, linear suspensions, and chandeliers for added versatility.

If you are looking for a modern lighting option for an office, living room, or bedroom, FLOS table lamps provide both direct and diffused lighting, depending on your needs. FLOS Lighting’s best-selling FLOS lamps include mid-century modern, contemporary, and minimalist styles that are well-suited to today’s modern interiors. From chrome-plated modern table lamps with fully dimmable halogen lamping to ultramodern table lamps with blown glass diffusers energy-efficient LED lamping, FLOS lighting has a range of choices to suit any space.

Outdoor spaces can also benefit from FLOS Lighting’s innovative designs. The most versatile fixtures are both wall and ceiling mountable and feature durable materials like injection-molded fiberglass, anodized aluminum, and treated teak designed to withstand frequent exposure to the elements. Popular models feature 330-degree rotation so light can be focused where it’s needed most as well as FLOS outdoor lighting goes beyond utility to add style to outdoor areas such as patios, pathways, poolside, and enclosed porches. Finish options for FLOS outdoor lighting range from Bronze to Natural (beige), making it easy to coordinate these fixtures with existing outdoor furniture and decorative accessories.

FLOS Lighting: A Leader In Modern Lighting Design

FLOS Lighting is highly respected in the interior design industry and has won multiple awards. The FLOS design team received three good design awards in 2015 for its innovative outdoor led floor lamp, rotatable linear LED, and a futuristic pendant lamp that appears to float in midair. In addition, FLOS lighting garnered numerous industry accolades that include the 2017 Elle Décor Award for the interactive lighting project category during Milan Design Week and the 2018 EDIDA (Elle Deco International Design Awards) winner for its ultramodern lighting arrangements.

When it comes to modern lighting design for residential or commercial applications, FLOS Lighting has an extensive variety of fixtures for any space. From FLOS ceiling lights to outdoor pathway lights, FLOS lighting is your go-to source for innovative and functional fixtures.