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Decorative lamp types

Ceiling lamp

1. Characteristics

The commonly used ceiling lamps are square cover ceiling lamps, round ball ceiling lamps, pointed flat round ceiling lamps, semi-round ball ceiling lamps, semi-flat ball ceiling lamps, and small long square cover ceiling lamps. Ceiling lamps are suitable for lighting in the living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, etc.

Ceiling lamp can be installed directly on the ceiling, easy to install. The style is simple and generous, giving the space a clear and bright feeling.

2. Selections

There are usually ballasts and annular tubes in the ceiling lamps. The ballasts have inductive ballasts and electronic ballasts. Compared with inductive ballasts, electronic ballasts can improve the light efficiency of the lights and systems and can be started instantaneously. And extend the life of the lamp.

At the same time, it has a small temperature rise, no noise, is small in size, and is lightweight. The power consumption is only 1/3 to 1/4 of the inductive ballast. Therefore, consumers should choose electronic ballast ceiling lamps. The annular tube of the ceiling lamp has halogen powder and tri-phosphor powder. The tri-phosphor tube has good color rendering, high luminosity, and slow light decay; the halogen powder tube has poor color rendering, low luminosity, and fast light decay. Differentiate between halogen powder tube and tri-phosphor powder tube, you can place your hands near the two tubes and light them at the same time. It can be found that the hand color of the halogen powder tube is white and distorted, and the tri-phosphor powder tube is the skin color.

Ceiling lamps are available with remote control and without the remote control. The ceiling lamp switch with remote control is convenient and suitable for use in the bedroom. The lampshade of the ceiling lamp is generally made of plastic or plexiglass. But the type of glass shade is now rare.

Floor lamp


Floor lamps are often used as local lighting and do not pay attention to comprehensiveness. The emphasis on the convenience of movement is very practical for the creation of a corner atmosphere. If the lighting mode of the floor lamp is directly projected downwards, it is suitable for reading and other activities that require concentration.For indirect lighting, you can adjust the overall light changes. The floor lampshade below should be 1.8 meters off the ground.


Floor lamp is usually placed on the corner of the sofa.The floor lamp has soft lighting and works well when watching TV at night. The lampshade of the floor lamp is available in a wide variety of materials, and consumers can choose according to their own preferences. Many people like the floor lamp with a small table because they can put a fixed phone on the table.

 Wall lamps


Wall lights are suitable for bedroom and toilet lighting. Commonly used are double-headed magnolia wall lights, double-headed olive wall lights, double-headed drum wall lights, double-headed lace cup wall lights, jade column wall lights, mirror wall lights and so on. The wall lamp shall be installed at a height of not less than 1.8 meters from the light bulb to the ground.


The price of the higher grade wall lamp in the market is about 80 yuan, and the price of the lower grade wall lamp is about 30 yuan. Select the wall lamp mainly look at its structure and shape.Generally, mechanical molding is cheap and manual is more expensive.Iron forging wall lamps, all-copper wall lamps, sheepskin wall lamps, etc. all belong to middle-high-grade wall lamps. Among them, iron forging wall lamps sell best.

This kind of wall lamp has the function of illumination and decoration, and can also be used as calendar, which is very popular with consumers.

Table lamp


According to the material ,the table lamp can be divided into ceramic lamp, wooden lamp, iron lamp, copper lamp and so on. According to the function,it can be divided into eye protection lamp, decorative lamp, work lamp and so on. According to the light source can be divided into light bulbs, plug and pull lamps, Lamp beads Lamps and so on.

2. Selection

The choice of table lamps mainly depends on the quality and production process of electronic components. In general, the electronic accessories of small manufacturers are poor in quality and the production process is low.So consumers should choose the lamps produced by large manufacturers.Decorative table lamps are generally used in living rooms and bedrooms. Workbench and learning table are suitable for energy-saving eye protection table lamps. But energy-saving lamps can not adjust the light.



The downlights are generally installed in the ceilings around the bedroom, living room and bathroom. This invisible luminaire embedded in the ceiling.All light is projected downwards and is a direct light distribution.Different reflectors, lenses, blinds, bulbs can be used to achieve different lighting effects. The downlight does not take up space, which can increase the soft atmosphere of the space. If you want to create a warm feeling, try to install multiple downlights to reduce the space pressure.2.Selection

The main problem of the downlight is on the lamp socket. The lamp socket of some miscellaneous downlights are not resistant to high temperature and easy to deform,which can cause the lamp to not be screwed.Now, all lamps can only be sold after passing 3C certification, and consumers should choose 3C-certified downlights.


  1. Characteristics

The lamp can be placed around the ceiling or on the top of the furniture, or in the wall, wall skirt, or kicking line. The light directly shines on the household objects that need to be emphasized, in order to highlight the subjective aesthetic effect. To achieve outstanding focus, unique environment, plentiful layers, rich atmosphere, colorful artistic effects. The light of the spotlight is soft and elegant, which can play a leading role in overall lighting, and can also be used for local lighting and atmosphere.2.Selection

The spotlights are divided into low pressure and high pressure. Consumers should choose low-voltage spotlights, which have a longer life and higher light efficiency. The luminous efficacy of the spotlight is reflected by the power factor. The greater the power factor, the better the light efficiency. Ordinary spotlights have a power factor of around 0.5 and are inexpensive. The quality factor of high-quality spotlights can reach 0.99, which is slightly more expensive.

Energy saving lamp

  1. Characteristics

The brightness and life of energy-saving lamps are superior to those of ordinary incandescent bulbs. Especially in terms of power saving, the reputation is excellent. Energy-saving lamps are available in U-shaped, spiral-shaped, petal-shaped, etc., with power ranging from 3 watts to 40 watts. The price of energy-saving lamps varies greatly between different models, different specifications, and different producing areas. Downlight, chandeliers, ceiling lamps, and other lamps can generally be installed as energy-saving light bulbs. Energy-saving lamps are generally not suitable for use in high temperature and high humidity environments. Bathrooms and kitchens should avoid using energy-saving lamps as much as possible.

2. Selections

Buying energy-saving lamps requires going to a guaranteed lighting market. It is necessary to choose a well-known brand, and confirm that the product packaging and signs are complete. The outer packing usually explains the service life, color development, and correct installation position of CFL. Energy lamps are divided into two types: halogen powder and tri-phosphor powder. Tri-phosphor powder is superior to halogen powder’s comprehensive performance. Some businesses treat halogen powder as a phosphor powder to sell and deceive consumers. BACK TO NEWS


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